Campus Commercial Intern


I’m best known for my work as an intern for Alfred State’s closed loop television network. Advertising is free on campus, so the other interns and I tend to handle a large volume of advertisements that must have a turn over of an hour or less.

Hit the jump for a look at my work.

There is no sound output through the tv channel right now, so the information must all be displayed on the commercial itself. We usually just overcome this using stationary slides, but if there’s enough room for creativity we’ll create motion graphics. The aspect ratio is only 640X480, so I’ve gained a lot of experience in presenting a large amount of information in as little space as possible, as well as condensing the information to save the viewer from reading too much.

Since clubs don’t provide their own artwork, our images are either made by ourselves, or pulled from Google Images and highly altered.

This gallery includes some of my favorite work, but I always work on tutorials and in other programs (such as Illustrator) to try and make my work better.

These videos are examples of motion graphics that I’ve used on the channel:


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