Posters, Brochures, and T-Shirts

Cut Outs

When I got my internship on campus, I actually wasn’t aware that it existed. While working to make publicity for the Greek Senate on campus, I produced the above poster, which some people saw and started talking about. Eventually, I was told about a student media internship on campus, and referred to the director of student activities on campus.

My first poster is above, but hit the jump to see some more of my work.

Some of my work was done by following tutorials and replicating in-class assignments, but I eventually became confident enough in photoshop to develop some techniques and styles were characteristic of my work. I enjoy working in vector graphics, and using a variety of colors to impact the viewer.

I have also produced other items in print, such as tri-fold brochures. I have some experience in InDesign, and learned to set bleed marks and guidelines for items that are going to print.

I originally used to make my native files in Photoshop before importing them to InDesign, but now I’ve become confident enough in InDesign to work directly with the program.

During the 2011 Summer Orientation, I was chosen to design the t-shirts for new student convocation. I submitted them to the new student convocation committee so they could select a favorite. The winner is number one, but I included the runner-ups in the gallery.

On August, 23rd 2012, about 1400 students stood on the Alfred State football field to take a picture wearing the shirt I designed.


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