Winter Break Work


Just to prove that I haven’t been dormant this winter break, I decided to post some pictures of my Senior Project in progress. I’ve pushed back my other side projects to make sure I dedicated some time into creating an incredibly immersive environment for my project.

Hit the jump to take a look at my work in progress.

As previously mentioned, my design for the environment is a room with a second story balcony that is supported by steel girders. The construction of the steel girders themselves is inspired by the Riverside Drive Viaduct in New York City.

Scan 4

Riverside Drive Viaduct

After creating the girders, I actually built the room around them to make sure everything was to scale. I strived to create a foreboding and industrial feeling, while overshadowing the environment with an art deco theme. To allow light, I began by creating clerestory windows but quickly scrapped them in lieu of my new idea for a glass ceiling.

After some quick searches, I discovered The Garden Court Restaurant, attached to the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. I only used the ceiling of the building to draw inspiration from, since the lower levels of the interior are very Greek-inspired with corinthian columns and dental friezes.

Garden Court Restaurant

Garden Court Restaurant

I’m very satisfied with the final product, which features a wrought iron handrail, glass ceiling, and art deco pilasters within the interior. I sculpted my own rendition of the viaduct, resized and redesigned to suit my own taste. I also created my own idea of what I felt the ceiling should look like.

All of the designs are meant to be very geometric and conservative in the spirit of the art deco movement. Note the angular indentations in the pilasters and the stylized cantilevers that support the upper frieze. I also used the dental motif throughout the whole room.

I’m obviously not completely done creating the room. For instance, I would still like to add two doorjambs to access the lower and upper levels, as well as a spiral staircase that grants access to the upper level. After I finish the room, it will be ready for my the steam engine, boiler, and orrery to be added.

Once I add all of the machinery, I’ll add the piping, pulleys and belt systems that the orrery needs to run properly. My last phase of the project before animating everything, is to create small details such as work benches with books and papers on them, chains, wrenches and other tools, and clutter lying on the floor.


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