The 3D Cover Letter


I recently decided to put some extra time and effort into the hiring process. I had the idea to make a 3D animated cover letter when applying to be a 3D artist. Most of the positions are calling for environment artists, so I’m drawing up some concept art. This week, I hope to make some serious progress on the project as a whole and I’ll see if it goes anywhere special.

Hit the jump for some details.

My plan is to make a series of video game environments that stick to different polygon budgets and art styles, and then add cover letter material into the environment.

I.E. The above picture is a quick concept I did for a cartoony/fantasy castle. The camera would start by dollying through the environment, over the bridge and up to the castle. The salutation and first paragraph of the cover letter would be written on an old-timey parchment, nailed to the portcullis. Then we would continue on through a drainage grate embedded in the wall, which will serve as a threshold where the next environment begins; perhaps it will be a hallway in a sci-fi laboratory, or an old bunker.

I hope to create at least three such environments in total, and include my video game character as an extra, “I can also do this,” example. The idea is that each environment will reflect the content of a single paragraph in the cover letter, even though the cover letter will be customized specifically for the company I’m applying to.

Hopefully my extra work yields my quarry, or helps my portfolio grow at the very least. Stay tuned for updates of my progress on this blog posting. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop a comment or contact me directly.

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