About The Author

Hello, my name is Patrick Buchholz and I’m a Graphic Artist from Roscoe, NY.

I recently graduated with a BS in Digital Media & Animation from SUNY Alfred in Alfred, NY. I’m filling my time with freelance work while I’m looking for a job, and I try to remain active with my free schedule.

My favorite things to model and animate are gritty, industrial environments that seem to have a lot of backstory. I enjoy drawing fantasy pictures and animating machinery, but I try to keep the themes of my projects varied overall. I used gears as my personal logo because they’re a symbol of the same efficiency and fidelity that I push for in my graphic art.

I’m hoping to learn along with anyone who reads this blog. I’d love to see some comments and advice from viewers. Please subscribe and feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

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