The 3D Cover Letter


I recently decided to put some extra time and effort into the hiring process. I had the idea to make a 3D animated cover letter when applying to be a 3D artist. Most of the positions are calling for environment artists, so I’m drawing up some concept art. This week, I hope to make some serious progress on the project as a whole and I’ll see if it goes anywhere special.

Hit the jump for some details.

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I realized I haven’t had much organic modeling or animating to show for my demo reel, so I decided to take a few extra hours to model and animate this character. He’s designed after some of my own artwork that I make on my free time. Hit the jump to see some more shots and an embedded video of the playblasts so far.

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Winter Break Work


Just to prove that I haven’t been dormant this winter break, I decided to post some pictures of my Senior Project in progress. I’ve pushed back my other side projects to make sure I dedicated some time into creating an incredibly immersive environment for my project.

Hit the jump to take a look at my work in progress.

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