I realized I haven’t had much organic modeling or animating to show for my demo reel, so I decided to take a few extra hours to model and animate this character. He’s designed after some of my own artwork that I make on my free time. Hit the jump to see some more shots and an embedded video of the playblasts so far.

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Winter Break Work


Just to prove that I haven’t been dormant this winter break, I decided to post some pictures of my Senior Project in progress. I’ve pushed back my other side projects to make sure I dedicated some time into creating an incredibly immersive environment for my project.

Hit the jump to take a look at my work in progress.

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Flourish Animations


One of my side projects I’ve been working on is the development of animated flourishes that I can use in my motion graphics projects. The flourishes are an attempt to familiarize myself with Illustrator and AfterEffects while creating preset animations that I can use for future projects.

Hit the jump for a video of the progress so far.

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Classic Mediums


During my free time, I like to try and stay sharp with my classic mediums so my work on the computer can improve too. Before coming to college, I spent a year studying watercolor well known artist in my area named Jack Yelle. Jack works primarily in watercolors, and is very well known for his landscapes. He’s talented in many areas and has agency experience in doing concept and technical art for corporations.

This post is to highlight some of the work I’ve done on my own, and in class to illustrate my knowledge of design fundamentals. I sometimes work directly into Photoshop or Mudbox using my drawing tablet, so I feel that being good with a pen is equally as important as being good with a mouse.

Hit the jump to see my work.

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Posters, Brochures, and T-Shirts

Cut Outs

When I got my internship on campus, I actually wasn’t aware that it existed. While working to make publicity for the Greek Senate on campus, I produced the above poster, which some people saw and started talking about. Eventually, I was told about a student media internship on campus, and referred to the director of student activities on campus.

My first poster is above, but hit the jump to see some more of my work.

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