The Fate of Skeumorphism


Apple has been known for dipping its toe into the idea of using Skeuomorphism with design. A skeuomorph is a design on an object that makes it look like something else (i.e. the Mac Calendar looks like an actual desktop calendar). Now there’s suddenly talk of people wanting to get rid of it.

I’m personally a fan of skeuomorphism (If I could, I would make my entire OS resemble the controls to a pirate ship). Unfortunately, designers don’t see it the same way and skeuomorphism is on its inevitable way out. Why are designers getting rid of it? What spurred the change and what’s the future of it? I did some work on The Google for the benefit of mankind and here’s why it’s happening:

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Freelancing For Experience?


The internet is riddled with advice on what to do once you’ve graduated and are looking for a job. LinkedIn is overflowing with inspirational articles directed toward graduates of 2013, but graphic art majors face the daunting hurdle of having their work previewed and weighed against other applicants.

So you’ve read the articles, and you’ve gone through the motions of applying for jobs. Your resumes are out; your cover letters are impeccable; your portfolio site is up to date, and you’re waiting for calls. Now what? 

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Posters, Brochures, and T-Shirts

Cut Outs

When I got my internship on campus, I actually wasn’t aware that it existed. While working to make publicity for the Greek Senate on campus, I produced the above poster, which some people saw and started talking about. Eventually, I was told about a student media internship on campus, and referred to the director of student activities on campus.

My first poster is above, but hit the jump to see some more of my work.

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